GBWhatsApp APK v6.30 and v6.40 download free

WhatsApp is one of the most used smartphone messenger on earth. Every 7 out of 10 people uses WhatsApp for messaging. If you are one of the users of WhatsApp and bored of current WhatsApp features and UI, GBWhatsApp APK is for you. Yes, GBWhatsApp APK comes packed with many custom and interesting features that are not available on official WhatsApp app.

The latest GBWhatsApp APK v6.40 and v6.30 comes with many features which you can’t even expect. If you are interested to download GBWhatsApp APK v6.40 or v6.30, do follow the links mentioned below. But, before downloading the preferred version of GBWhatsApp, do check the version info to ensure compatibility with your current Android device.

Version Info

App NameGBWhatsApp
App Versionv6.30 and v6.40
Compatible Android VersionAndroid 4.0 and higher version.
DeveloperAtnfas Hoak

Download GBWhatsApp APK v6.30 and v6.40

Please do not download GBWhatsApp or any third-party apps from untrusted sources. As there is a danger of malware being installed on your device, we suggest you download it from below trusted sources which are tried and tested.

Download the GB WhatsApp v6.40 from here.

Download the GB WhatsApp v6.30 from here.

GBWhatsApp APK v6.40 and v6.30 download

GBWhatsApp APK Download | FAQ’s

What is GBWhatsApp APK?

GBWhatsApp APK is a modified version of official WhatsApp which comes with many custom features including the official features.

What are few interesting features of GBWhatsApp APK?

Using GBWhatsApp, you can get access to features like Hiding Online status, Hiding single status, feature to save the Statuses, scheduling messages and many more.

Is GBWhatsApp APK paid?

Big NO! GBWhatsApp APK is completely free to use with all the special features which are not available in official WhatsApp.

How to uninstall GBWhatsApp APK?

You can uninstall GBWhatsApp just like the normal apps on Android.

Can we use GBWhatsApp and Official WhatsApp at same time?

No, this cannot be done. We recommend not to play with the WhatsApp account by using in multiple instances. This may lead to ban from using WhatsApp for few hours and days in few cases.

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