Download YouTube Vanced APK latest version v14.10.53

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of official YouTube app. It comes with many custom features which are not built with official app. Using official YouTube you can never download videos, block ads or use background play for free. If you wish to get all these kind of features for free, you are right place. Download YouTube Vanced APK with is built with all these features and also available for free.

If you are interested to download YouTube Vanced APK, do check the version info below to ensure compatibility with your current Android device/version. Also, if you wish to sign in to your YouTube account via YouTube Vanced, then you have to download microG app which acts a connector between the app and your account.

Version Info

App NameYouTube Vanced
Android compatible versionAndroid 4.0 and above versions
Current Versionv14.10.53

Download YouTube Vanced v14.10.53

As the YouTube Vanced is a third-party application which is also a modded version, so it is not available in Google Play store. You need not worry about this. You can still download it directly as an APK and install on your device. Further, as mentioned earlier, if you wish to login to your YouTube account on Vanced version, you have to download supporting MicroG app which acts a connecter between the account and App.

Below is the tested and trusted source to download YouTube Vanced v14.10.53 for Android.

Download YouTube Vanced v14.10.53-Dark

Download YouTube Vanced v14.10.53-Black

Download MicroG for YouTube Vanced

If you are unaware of using YouTube Vanced, you can check this guide on how to download and install YouTube Vanced on Android.

The YouTube Vanced comes with three major notable features:

  1. Built-in Adblocker – This features lets you watch any video on YouTube without seeing any ads in between.
  2. Custom themes – You can now change the theme of the YouTube app depending up the mood, surrounding light to reduce impact on your eyes while using.
  3. Background playback – This feature lets you listen to any video even when the app is minimised. YouTube has released this feature with subscription per month/year. But using YouTube Vanced, you can use these features for free.

If you have already installed and used any YouTube mods, do let us know your experience and favourite feature in comments section below.

YouTube Vanced | FAQ’s

Is YouTube Vanced free to use?

Yes, YouTube Vanced is completely free to use. No payment or credit card details required.

Are there any other YouTube Mods alternative to Vanced version?

Yes, you can try OGYoutube which comes with few similar features.

How to uninstall YouTube Vanced?

You can uninstall YouTube Vanced just as we do with normal apps on Android.

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