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There is a huge growth of online movie/web series streaming services around the world. Few of the major player in the field include Netflix, Amazon and YouTube. But all these services could be used only via subscription. You may like different titles on different services and you cannot subscribe for all of them due to high pricing. So, you wish to watch movies online and if required download movies for free.

OnMovies APK comes for the rescue here. Yes, using OnMovies you can watch movies online free and also download if required. Not just this, there are multiple features OnMovies app offers. To know more, read on till features section below. If you wish to download OnMovies APK, below are the sources.

What is OnMovies?

OnMovies is a third-party developed app where you can watch movies of different languages for free. Further you can download the movies to local memory which can be watched offline.

As the app is third-party developed and streams movies for free, it cannot be found on Google Play due to piracy issues. But don’t worry, you can still download OnMovies APK from below sources.

Download OnMovies APK latest version

Before downloading the app and installing, do check the version info below to ensure the compatibility with your device. Below is a tested and trusted source to download OnMovies APK.

Download OnMovies APK v10.1

If you face any issues downloading the .apk file, do let us know through comments section. We can help you out.

Download OnMovies APK latest version v10.1

Version Info

App nameOnMovies
Current Version10.1
Compatible Android VeresionAndroid 5.0 and higher version
DeveloperOnMovies Dev Team

Features of OnMovies APK

OnMovies APK is feature rich app for Android devices all for free. Here are the eye-popping features of OnMovies APK.

Free unlimited streaming: OnMovies is not like other online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon prime. It offers unlimited streaming of all the vides on the App. Thus, you can watch all the titles for free.

Free unlimited downloads: If you are interested to view a movie or title later during a journey or at a place where internet connection won’t be there, OnMovies comes into play. Using OnMovies APK you can download movies offline which can be watched later without internet connection.

Multi-lingual support: OnMovies APK features famous titles from various languages like English, Hindi, Telugu and many more.

Frequent updates: Though OnMovies is a third-part developed app, it provides frequent updates to users. Frequent updates ensure smooth functionality of the app on all the devices and different versions of Android OS.

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If you like the features of OnMovies APK, don’t wait anymore. Head over to downloads section and get the app. In case you are already using any other free streaming service, let us know your experience in comments section below.

OnMovies APK dowload | Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ’s

Is OnMovies APK free completely ?

Yes, OnMovies APK is free completely.

Should I add my credit/debit card details in OnMovies APK?

Nope, you don’t need to add any card details to use OnMovies APK.

Does OnMovies APK requires root access?

Nope. OnMovies APK runs smoothly on non-root Android devices as well.

Does OnMovies available for iOS?

No. Currently OnMovies is currently available for Android.

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