Download OGYouTube APK latest version v3.5 for Android free

YouTube is one of the most used entertainment apps for Android. Users are often irritated with the frequency of ads displayed in YouTube. In that case you wish to download the videos offline to watch whenever required even without internet. But YouTube doesn’t allow downloading of all videos hosted on it. How to get such videos offline? Download OGYouTube APK in that case to help you out.

Yes, using OGYouTube APK you can download any YouTube video offline in highest available quality. Further OGYouTube comes with an option to download only mp3 from the video offline. OGYouTube also comes with background playback which is not available in official YouTube application. YouTube has launched YouTube Music which support background playback with premium charges per month. But in case of OGYouTube, it supports background playback for free. Not just these features, if you are interested to download OGYouTube APK, do follow the section below and jump to features section to know the advanced features of OGYouTube.

What Is OGYouTube?

OGYouTube APK is a modified version of official YouTube application. It comes with all the features of official YouTube app with many more additional features. It is developed by third-party developers to provide users with additional features like download videos, download mp3 and background playback. You can download OGYouTube APK from below sources.

How to download OGYouTube?

OGYouTube is feature rich when compared to official application. But it is always free to download and install on any supported Android device. As it is third party developed application and is a modified version of original app, it is not available in Google Play store.

There are two different versions of OGYouTube available for Android devices. One for normal Android devices and other for Rooted devices.

Also, you have to download and install MicroG app provided in below sources to sign in to your YouTube account on OGYouTube. If you wish to sign in and access all your YouTube account details, installing MicroG is necessary.

Download MicroG APK (All Devices)

Download OGYouTube APK (Normal Devices)

Download OGYouTube APK (Rooted Devices)

OGYouTube APK latest version download

How to install OGYouTube APK on Android?

Before you get into the installation step of OGYouTube APK, do check if the installation from third-party sources is enabled on your device. Please follow the below steps to check:

Step 1: Launch Android Settings screen.

Step 2: Navigate to Developer Options >> Unknown Sources(Allow installation of apps from unknown sources) >> Enable the option if disabled.

Once above step is done, your device supports installations from third-party sources as well. Please follow below steps to being installation process:

Step 1: Navigate to downloads folder and tap on the MicroG APK which is already downloaded.

Step 2: Once the installation setup starts, you can see two options. One to install and other to cancel. Choose Install to start the installation setup and cancel to stop the installation.

Step 3: Once the installation begins the app gets installed as a normal Android application. After the installation of MicroG is done, you can install OGYouTube in the same way.

Step 4: After the installation is complete you can now launch the OGYouTube app which looks similar to YouTube.

Step 5: If the app prompts to update the app. Please do not update the app. You should ignore the message to keep using OGYouTube with all the extra features.

So, you have successfully installed the OGYouTube on Android which comes with many additional features which are not available on official YouTube app. If you wish to download videos from YouTube please refer to the steps given below:

Step 1: Launch the previously installed OGYouTube app and search for the video you wish to download. You can use the search button in the top right to find a video.

Step 2: Once you tap on the video to be download, it starts streaming just like official YouTube app. In the same video page, below the video window you can see a Download button. Click on that button and choose the quality of videos available to download.

Step 3: After the video quality is chosen, the app prompts to choose the audio quality required. Please choose and click download which places the video into your phone memory in few minutes.

That’s all. Your video gets successfully downloaded to your phone memory now and it can be watched without internet connection. You can manage the downloads from OGYouTube

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So you got to know how to download YouTube videos through OGYouTube. But there are many other features OGYouTube offers. Below is the section which explains the different features of OGYouTube which makes it a special mod for YouTube.

Features of OGYouTube

As OGYouTube is a modified version of official YouTube application, it comprises of all the features that official app features along with many additional features. Few of the important features are listed below:

Video Download:

In OGYouTube you can download any video at any available quality from 144p to 1080p. Also you can choose the audio quality for the requested video for download.

Play in Background:

If you are using OGYouTube, you can now play videos in the background(minimised mode) while using some other app or when the screen is turned off. YouTube has launched application YouTube Music with this major feature which is completely free on OGYouTube.

These two are the major features of OGYouTube which are very useful for any power user of YouTube.

Frequently asked questions | FAQ’s

What is OGYouTube?

OGYouTube is an modded version of official YouTube application which comes with features like video download and background playback.

Is OGYouTube premium?

No, OGYouTube is free to download and use.

Is OGYouTube available for iOS?

No, OGYouTube is currently available for Android only. It is not yet release for iOS.

How to uninstall OGYouTube?

You can uninstall OGYouTube normally like any other app you do on Android device.

Are there any other Mods for YouTube?

Yes, you can check out YouTube Vanced which is one of the best Mods of YouTube.

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